How to unblock YouTube at school or work during and emergency

youtubeAs you may already know has recently added the ability to do live streaming. News and other media organizations have used this feature to broadcast their regular show. With mobile phones, it would not be uncommon for internet connectivity to still be available during a catastrophe.

In some cases it might be important to know how to unblock youtube with a web proxy service like The first thing you would think of doing during an emergency to get crucial information would be to use a real radio. However, in this day and age almost no one really uses radios anymore.

Proxy services allow you to access blocked sites. These are usually only useful when you are somewhere that has filtered internet. So places like school and work are the main places you would see something like this. There are many free sites like this out there.

While this should not be the first thing you do during an emergency, its just something nice to keep in mind. Technology is always changing. Its always good to keep building up your tech knowledge.